Tuesday, January 5, 2021

What were you thinking

We often find that our mood is not right and at the same time we are also not feeling well. We try to find the reason for this and ponder over the situation. But often we are unable to point out the exact reason for this. 

Then we either start watching TV or talk to someone on the phone or become active on social media or drink tea or in the same way get busy in some other activity. By doing so, our attention shifts to another place and after some time we find that our mood has changed.

Sister Shivani says that this is not the right way of changing the mood. By doing this, we have shifted our attention to another place, but we have not removed the cause of our bad mood. She says that right way is to change the thought which had made our feeling or mood to go bad. So whenever you find that you are not feeling well, then stop and think carefully what you were thinking till some time before now.

Reflection of what we were thinking affects our mood and accordingly our mood swings and we start feeling good or bad. If we carefully consider what we were thinking, we would gradually start to understand that whatever we felt, whether good or bad, was all due to our thoughts.

This leads to conclusion that if we want to change our mood, we can do so by changing our thoughts. In this way, if the mind changes by changing thoughts, then if we can maintain that our thoughts are always good, then the mood will always be good. 

So why don't we always take care of our thoughts and bring good and positive thoughts only in our mind. This will automatically create good feelings within us and will bring positivity in our action also.



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