Friday, January 1, 2021

Life is a package . . . .


Based on my experiences in life, I have felt that in life we don't get things in isolation but we get them in a packaged form, containing a package of many other things also, algonwtih the main thing; AND if we want to be happy and satisfied in life; THEN we are required to not only accept each of them but love them also. There is no other way to feel the happy experience in life. 

We can understand this better by examples. If we decide to marry and have a spouse in life, then generally we choose him/her by looking at some of their attributes such as his/her behavior, some habits etc. On that basis we choose them as our spouse. But after passing of some time we find that they have some other habits also, which we do not like and we want him/her to change such habits. We all know that changing habits is a big job and generally people fail at this. This results in conflict between the spouses and each of them feel that the love between them is diminishing. 

So, if we want happiness in our life, then we have to accept our spouse as they are, along with all their other habits. Because it is not possible that we like him/her due to one or some of their habits and expect that they change the rest as we desired. At the same time, we have to accept and like all of their relatives as well whether we like them or not. It is also not possible that we accept some of their relatives which we like and expect that he/she would leave their other relatives to whom we do not like.

In simple words, we have to accept our spouse as a whole package in his/her present form, with all of his/her thoughts, habits, behavior, good/bad qualities etc. as they are and love them happily too. If we expect any other remedy, then surely we will get disappointment in life. However, if they willingly decide to change any of their habits by their own, then it is OK.

Similarly, if we want to do business, then we will have to accept the problems of business, competition, profit and loss along with it. If we do a job, then we will have to follow the policies of the company and some one will definitely be our boss and we will have to obey him also. There will also be a chance of losing the job.

In this way we saw that it is not possible that there would be only good things in all the areas of our life and not unwanted thing. In ancient times also, in the ocean- churning event between Gods and Demons, poison was also released along with nectar. This is also the rule of real life. Here we generally get some bad things also alongwith our desired events.

After the ocean-churning there was God Shankar, who took the poison in his neck, but here we have to become Shankar in our life. We can do this by changing our attitude and way of thinking towards right direction. Then we will be accept the theory of package in real life.

Try this. It will definitely be nice. Life will be happy. This is my guarantee ……….


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